The Most Expensive Wines in the World (Infographic)

Do you think wine’s expensive? Not after you see the most expensive wines that have sold at auction across the world. Including:

  • Screaming Eagle, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cheval-Blanc
  • Chateau Lafite Rothschild
  • Jeroboam of Chateau Mouton -Rothschild
  • 20 commercially available wines
  • The most expensive alcoholic drinks
    The Most Expensive Wines in the World


What’s the most expensive wine you’ve had? Let us know in the comments!

10 Ways Restaurants Use Social Media

Restaurants use social media for a variety of purposes including marketing, customer support and to engage their regulars. Social media platforms that restaurants can use include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

See below for how restaurants are using social media:

10 Ways Restaurants Use Social Media


The 10 Ways Restaurants Use Social Media

  1. Feedback and insight regarding service, events and menu items
  2. Promoting new menu items
  3. Encouraging trials via specials and discounts
  4. Using employees as brand ambassadors
  5. Direct dialogues with existing or potential customers
  6. Updating customers on new projects (e.g. remodel or openings)
  7. Growing awareness with contests and giveaways
  8. Connecting/networking with business partners and community members
  9. Finding new employees
  10. Monitoring and managing complaints and reputation

How do you use social media for your restaurant, winery or beer business?

Let us know in the comments!

12 Components of a Craft Beer Marketing Plan

If you’re considering launching a craft beer, you’ll want to see this infographic which details many of the key components to consider in your beer (or wine) marketing plan.

15 Components of a Craft Beer Marketing Plan

Via: 36Squares

The key components of a beer marketing or wine marketing plan include:

  • Name, copy, brand, color scheme
  • Label illustration and design
  • Shelf pack and ship case
  • Photography
  • Sales Collateral
  • Merchandise
  • Website content
  • Social media
  • Media releases
  • Industry events
  • Audience engagement events
  • Community-building

What is Dry Wine vs. Sweet Wine? A Great Infographic!

Have you ever wondered which wines are dry and which are sweet? Use this infographic to help choose or recommend wines based on dryness or sweetness.

Click the chart for a larger version:

What is Dry Wine vs. Sweet Wine Infographic

Source: Winefolly

Restaurant Trends – Costs, Technology and Menus

This is a great infographic on restaurant trends that’s still very relevant today. It covers how restaurants are handling three critical issues related to the restaurant business:

  • Increasing costs of ingredients
  • Using technology at restaurants
  • Menu trends

Restaurant Trends - costs, tech, menus


Source: KitchenOne

What other restaurant trends do you think are top-of-mind today?

Restaurant & Winery Marketing Trends 2013

Restaurants and wineries with tasting rooms are right at the nexus of several key marketing trends. They are all about being social, they’re local businesses, and their customers are passionate about food and wine and love to talk about both online. They love to take pictures of their meals or current favorite bottle and they love to post reviews online. Also, people quite often will find restaurants or the next winery while on the go – so mobile becomes very, very important.

Now, understanding the context, what are the trends for restaurant marketing in 2013? These apply equally well to wineries, so read on…

  • 72% trust online reviews over other sources
  • Restaurant loyalty programs can significantly boost profits
  • As mobile usage grows, a mobile site becomes essential
  • 72% of customers have used Facebook to make a retail or restaurant decision
  • SEO and Content will be needed to help restaurants be found online

If you own a restaurant or winery, contact us to learn about our Restaurant and Winery Social Media Programs.
Winery and Restaurant Marketing Trends 2013

Are Restaurants and Wineries up to the challenge?

As you probably know, many businesses are not handling many aspects of Social, Mobile, Loyalty, SEO or Reviews well. What are the most common gaps you see with the restaurants you frequent (and how they market or interact with you)?

Learn about Restaurant and Winery Social Media Programs.


Food, Restaurant and Recipe Social Networks

Food Social Networking SitesLooking for the Social Media sites where foodies hang out? Wanting to discuss or find recipes? Hoping to market your food-related business?

If any of these questions apply to you, take a look at the following list of Food-related Social Media sites and feel free to add the ones that are missing. Yes, you can edit this list directly by clicking the pink button in the upper left that says “Add To List” and add a link to an additional site that is relevant.

If you own a restaurant or winery, contact us to learn about our Restaurant and Winery Social Media Programs.

Note: If the list doesn’t show, refresh your browser

Let us know in the comments:

Which one looks most interesting for you?

Do you have anything to add?

How to Pair Wine & Food (Infographic)

It’s often a challenge for most of us to make the right pairing choices between food and wine. Use this infographic as a reference next time you get ready to do a paring.

Content Marketing for the Wine Industry

Social Media and Content go hand in hand. If a business doesn’t create any original content, their engagement in Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can lead to limited increases in sales. Content supports Social Media engagement and drives people back to a wineries’ website (where they can find calls to action). Content also drives better search engine optimization for a company’s website or blog.

In this presentation by the Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi, he discusses how the wine industry needs to embrace content marketing as a means of survival. If you don’t create content, the other competitors will!

Some of the key points you’ll find in the presentation below:

  • People spend more time on Social Networks than reading email
  • Content is survival – to survive you need to deliver valuable, relevant and compelling content to your customers
  • Social Media doesn’t work without a content strategy
  • Focus on pain points or what customers need
  • 14 ideas for breakthrough content

If you own a restaurant or winery, contact us to learn about our Restaurant and Winery Social Media Programs.


So what’s your take on content?

Does your wine business have a content creation and content marketing plan? If you’re using social media, what role does your content (including blog posts, video, pictures or other) play there? To discuss wine and restaurant marketing, join us in Facebook here!


The Kitchen Cheat Sheet you’ve been looking for…

How often are you in the kitchen using your smart phone to track down a measure conversion for one of the ingredients of a recipe? Do you know how to convert pints to ounces? Cups to metric conversions? You get the point…

Below, we have the answer to your problem.

The Kitchen Cheat Sheet helps you with:

  • Oven Temperature conversions
  • How to convert from metric to imperial weights
  • Liquid conversions, including metrics and US measures
  • Conversions from cups to metric
  • Beef, Pork and Lamb cuts and where they come from
We know you’ll love this one…

Kitchen Cheat Sheet, Measurement Conversions

If you’d like to find a printable version of this cheat sheet, visit the Everest kitchens page.

What’s missing?

Let us know in the comments how you are going to use it and what else could be here! Also, join us on Facebook to learn about other resources like this.