#5 How The Pig of the Month BBQ Uses PR, Blogging and Partnerships

Restaurant and Wine PodcastIn episode #5 of the Restaurant and Wine Marketing Podcast, I talk with Lea Richards, the CEO of Pig of The Month BBQ. Lea tells a great story about the founding of the company and how she grew it using scrappy guerilla marketing and PR tactics. This is quite educational for anyone who markets online, whether you run a restaurant, a winery, a retail store, or you’re a consultant, a lawyer or a contractor. Learn from Lea how she makes the most of PR, her blog and strategic partnerships. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The top marketing mistakes she made when she started out (that many others make)
  • Her innovative (but simple) partnering techniques to create a win-win-win
  • The pool of clients right in front of your face that you probably aren’t seeing
  • How to get mentioned in magazines, radio shows and websites (and the tool to use)
  • How to keep up a regular blogging schedule with almost none of the work
  • What marketing tactic you need to start on Day 1 of your business
  • How to make the search engines happy so they’ll bring you customers day-in and day-out

Pig of the Month BBQ

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