Restaurants and Technology Usage (Infographic)

Restaurants are increasingly going high tech. This can include how restaurants get found, how people make bookings, restaurant reviews, online ordering and even, in some cases, for restaurant wine lists or menus using technology such as iPads.

In this infographic, the National Restaurant Association shows highlights of their recent survey.

Key highlights of the Restaurant Survey include:

  • 3 in 10 people use Social Media like Facebook or Twitter to choose a restaurant
  • 95% of restaurateurs plan to be on Facebook in 2 years
  • 27% of consumers have posted restaurant reviews
  • 61% of consumers have visited a restaurant website

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Here’s the full infographic:

Restaurants and technology infographic

Infographic Source: National Restaurant Association

If you run a restaurant, bar or winery, how prepared are you to market your business online? Why or why not?