#1: How Flora Springs Winery Succeeds with Social Media

Restaurant and Wine PodcastIn this inaugural episode of the Restaurant and Wine Marketing Podcast, I talk with Nat Komes of Flora Springs Winery. Nat and the winery have had great success using social media to engage their fans, to provide useful, interesting and fun content, and, of course, to promote their winery. Tune in to hear how Flora Springs is creatively using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms to drive new business for the winery.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • How Nat came up with the new branding for the winery by looking outside the wine industry
  • How Flora Springs has leveraged its history to tell a meaningful story via video
  • Innovative ideas that Flora Springs is using such as “virtual wine tastings” and “wine Tweetups”
  • The surprise he got in terms of the age group in Facebook that typically connects with them on Facebook
  • The type of content that gets the most attention on Facebook
  • The results that engaging in social media has provided for Flora Springs
  • Nat’s advice for wineries or other companies getting started with social media
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Flora Springs Winery

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