Content Marketing for the Wine Industry

Social Media and Content go hand in hand. If a business doesn’t create any original content, their engagement in Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can lead to limited increases in sales. Content supports Social Media engagement and drives people back to a wineries’ website (where they can find calls to action). Content also drives better search engine optimization for a company’s website or blog.

In this presentation by the Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi, he discusses how the wine industry needs to embrace content marketing as a means of survival. If you don’t create content, the other competitors will!

Some of the key points you’ll find in the presentation below:

  • People spend more time on Social Networks than reading email
  • Content is survival – to survive you need to deliver valuable, relevant and compelling content to your customers
  • Social Media doesn’t work without a content strategy
  • Focus on pain points or what customers need
  • 14 ideas for breakthrough content

If you own a restaurant or winery, contact us to learn about our Restaurant and Winery Social Media Programs.


So what’s your take on content?

Does your wine business have a content creation and content marketing plan? If you’re using social media, what role does your content (including blog posts, video, pictures or other) play there? To discuss wine and restaurant marketing, join us in Facebook here!



  1. I honestly thought more than 90% of buyers in the US would go online at some point before buying, especially with the advent of smart phones. It is just second nature for me now. I want to do my research and make sure I am getting the best deal. I also want to see which store has the best options before I leave the comfort of my home. So, if you don’t think having a good online presence and business website is important, think again.