10 Ways Restaurants Use Social Media

Restaurants use social media for a variety of purposes including marketing, customer support and to engage their regulars. Social media platforms that restaurants can use include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

See below for how restaurants are using social media:

10 Ways Restaurants Use Social Media

Via DigitalDining.com

The 10 Ways Restaurants Use Social Media

  1. Feedback and insight regarding service, events and menu items
  2. Promoting new menu items
  3. Encouraging trials via specials and discounts
  4. Using employees as brand ambassadors
  5. Direct dialogues with existing or potential customers
  6. Updating customers on new projects (e.g. remodel or openings)
  7. Growing awareness with contests and giveaways
  8. Connecting/networking with business partners and community members
  9. Finding new employees
  10. Monitoring and managing complaints and reputation

How do you use social media for your restaurant, winery or beer business?

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